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VEVO Playlist:

Unfortunately, I don't think VEVO is a website that works in all countries. Those of you who are able to view these are in for a real treat though!


Dan Black's VEVO video introductions...Collapse )

Weird Science Mix Tape:

The link on Dan Black's MySpace is no longer good so here's a link I saw on last.fm: http://www.multiupload.com/UQOR3OBXRA

"Kate Bush? Bruce Springsteen? Bryan Ferry? Madonna? Missy Elliott? They’re all here in this very cool mashed up experiment, which will probably be amazingly hot in his club show."

"Weird Science is a six song mixtape from Dan Black. Uncommon for a pop artist to put out a mixtape, but Dan Black isn’t your typical pop artist. On this tape he borrows some sounds from popular hits that you’ve been hearing for years, but first he melts them down and reshapes their skeletons, transforming them into instant Dan Black songs"


Planet funk - The Switch

Dan Black attack!

Welcome to this newborn Dan Black fan community. For the first post I'm just crossposting an entry I made to my LJ a couple days ago:

I keep spamming everyone's comments and my Facebook with Dan Black videos so it's about time I post some here! I am smitttten. I need to rearrange that "Men I Want To Be: Musicians" list because he is just behind Patrick Wolf now! I love everything about Dan Black. I love his tight jeans. I love the way he akwardly moves about in a dancing manner. I love how his videos sit on the fine line between vanity and performance art. Once more, I love his akward little dance moooves!

He got his break with this Rhianna/B.I.G. cover. How ADORABLE.

On his album the first track is "Symphonies" that sounds similar but is fully original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AOVEZT5EMM

This video for "Alone" made me die in the best way ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9vf7Xs07wY

It's funny, I'm a having a situation simlar to when I got into Klaxons. I've listened to Dan Black's album "Un" 30+ times (some tracks 50 times) in about a month but hadn't seen a single video. I had him as my desktop wallpaper for the past week but I hadn't fallen for him and then *BAM* I watched his music videos at my friend Robyn's house and was agog! I was already ranking his album as my favorite (ahead of The Bachelor even!) release this year but now we're facing a full blown obsession.

P.S. I haven't watched this one yet but I am bracing myself for the acoustic wonders: U + ME = Collapse )

P.P.S. Picspam! Like you're surprised?Collapse )