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Dan Black attack!

Welcome to this newborn Dan Black fan community. For the first post I'm just crossposting an entry I made to my LJ a couple days ago:

I keep spamming everyone's comments and my Facebook with Dan Black videos so it's about time I post some here! I am smitttten. I need to rearrange that "Men I Want To Be: Musicians" list because he is just behind Patrick Wolf now! I love everything about Dan Black. I love his tight jeans. I love the way he akwardly moves about in a dancing manner. I love how his videos sit on the fine line between vanity and performance art. Once more, I love his akward little dance moooves!

He got his break with this Rhianna/B.I.G. cover. How ADORABLE.

On his album the first track is "Symphonies" that sounds similar but is fully original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AOVEZT5EMM

This video for "Alone" made me die in the best way ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9vf7Xs07wY

It's funny, I'm a having a situation simlar to when I got into Klaxons. I've listened to Dan Black's album "Un" 30+ times (some tracks 50 times) in about a month but hadn't seen a single video. I had him as my desktop wallpaper for the past week but I hadn't fallen for him and then *BAM* I watched his music videos at my friend Robyn's house and was agog! I was already ranking his album as my favorite (ahead of The Bachelor even!) release this year but now we're facing a full blown obsession.

P.S. I haven't watched this one yet but I am bracing myself for the acoustic wonders:

P.P.S. Picspam!

A higher quality version of this is my wallpaper at the moment.

This is the one that was my desktop for a while.


/// DAN BLACK \\\

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